Episode 1: Dazed and Confused

Welcome to the first episode and first season of "Fresh Perspective". Hosts Jeff Broitman, Rebecca Martin, and guest host Collin Souter (WGN radio, writer for RogerEbert.com, and Filmmaker) talk Richard Linklater's "Dazed and Confused" (1993) for "School's Out July" Fresh Perspective is a biweekly podcast that will touch on a different film related theme every month by exploring one film for each episode. Stay tuned!
"Fresh Perspective" co-hosts Jeff Broitman and Rebecca Martin are two film lovers that are passionate about film and talking about film. Rebecca Martin is the founder of Chicago Film Lover Exchange that has over 1000 members on meetup.com. Jeff Broitman is a member of the Chicago Film Lover Exchange and an actor, who's very active in the Chicago Theatre scene.


James Laczkowski