Episode 27: Carrie


Fresh Perspective is a bi-weekly podcast where we talk about two films based on a movie related theme. Jeff Broitman and Rebecca Martin co-host.

Episode 27 Part 2 we talk Brian DePalma's "Carrie" part two of our two part theme FLICKS FROM 1976!  The amazing Laura Moss returns as guest host. Laura Moss is director of the short film festival favorite, "Fry Day", contending for an upcoming Oscar for Short Film Live Action. Find all of her info here: https://lauramoss.nyc

Next we talk Animated films for adults. We'll be discussing Rene Laloux's "Fantastic Planet" (1973)  for part 1 and Charlie Kaufman's "Anomalisa" (2015) for part 2. Guest hosts TBA!

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James Laczkowski