Episode 32: Phantom Thread


Fresh Perspective is a bi-weekly podcast where we talk about two films based on a movie related theme. Jeff Broitman and Rebecca Martin co-host.


Episode 32 we talk part 2 of our Daniel Day Lewis and Paul Thomas Anderson movie theme with Paul Thomas Anderson's "Phantom Thread (2017). Jim Laczkowski was unable to join us, but in his place Patrick Ripoll (podcast host of Tracks of the Damned and previously Director's Club) guest hosts

Next time we talk about two films where women kick a** in very intense and horrific situations. We talk Alex Garland's "Annihilation" (2018) and Neil Marshall's "The Descent" (2005) Christopher Grace will return as guest host for "Annihilation" and newcomer Christine Sellin will guest host for "The Descent".

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James Laczkowski