Episode 41: First Reformed


Fresh Perspective is a bi-weekly podcast where we talk about two films based on a movie related theme. One film that’s in the theatre and one film that’s streaming and/or out on DVD. Jeff Broitman, Rebecca Martin, and Christine Sellin host.

Episode 41 we discuss Paul Schrader films with "First Reformed" for part one, starring Ethan Hawke.Guest host Patrick Ripoll, podcast host of Now Playing Network's "Tracks of the Damned" and previous co-host of the "Director's Club Podcast"  with NPN founder Jim Laczkowski. Follow and check out Patrick’s movie reviews here: https://letterboxd.com/patrickripoll/

Next we discuss Paul Schrader films part two with the 1985 classic “Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters". Guest host Brad Strauss current co-host of "Director's Club Podcast" with Al Kwiatkowski.

James Laczkowski