Episode 43: BlacKkKlansman


Episode 43 we talk part 1 of our Racism in America movie theme, with "BlacKkKlansman" directed by Spike Lee, in theatres now. Guest hosts Emmanuel Noisette, Director of Chicago Independent Film Critics Circle (Emans Movie Reviews and Eman’s Movie YouTube reviews and Patrick Ripoll, host of Tracks of the Damned podcast and on letterboxd: https://letterboxd.com/patrickripoll/

Next time, part 2 of our Racism in America movie theme, we discuss "Mudbound" directed by Dee Rees, came out in 2017, find streaming on Netflix. Guest host Marjorie Morgan, contributing writer to Cinema Femme digital magazine, and other top publications, playwright, and journalist. Read more about Marjorie here: http://www.marjoriemorgan.com/

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James Laczkowski