Episode 46: I Am Not A Witch


Episode 46 of Fresh Perspective explores "I Am Not A Witch" (2018), directed by Zambian-Welsh director Rungano Nyoni and starring Maggie Mulubwa. This is part two of our two-part “Girl Power”-themed discussion, in celebration of strong performances by young African American actresses and magic realism in film.

This fairytale-like portrayal of a young girl’s struggle to escape the corruption of the Zambian community who wrongly accuse her of witchcraft silently defies scapegoating those who challenge the status quo. Through the mesmerizing performance of Mulubwa, the absurdity of modern-day patriarchal and governmental “witch criers” is revealed and the strength and wisdom of young women to overcome them is never underestimated.

Reel Reflections:  What are you tethered to? How do you define freedom? How far would you go to be free from corruption, greed and hatred?

Danielle Echols guests, she has a passion for storytelling, film, and writing. In college she studied documentary filmmaking and minority images in media. Follow Danielle on twitter and instagram (@theanthro24), and check out her work at daninews.net.

Next we talk about and pair Bradley Cooper's A Star is Born (2018) and A Star is Born (1937) directed by William Wellman, stay tuned!

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