Episode 49: Widows (2018) | Gillian Flynn Part Two

Fresh Perspective is a bi-weekly podcast that talks about two films based on a movie related theme. One film in the theater and one streaming or on DVD. Jeff Broitman and Rebecca Martin host.

Episode 49 we talk part two of our Gillian Flynn (author and screenplay writer) Films & Series theme with with Steve McQueen's "Widows" (2018). First time guest, director Andrea Alberti (Head to Head Documentary) joins our conversation. Follow Head to Head Documentary on instagram (https://instagram.com/headtoheaddoc) and facebook (https://facebook.com/headtoheaddocumentary)

Next episode Jeff Broitman and Rebecca Martin wrap up the year discussing their favorite films of 2018 and discuss awards season nominations and winner predictions. Stay tuned!  

James Laczkowski