Episode 105: Childhood, Adult and Modern Romance

15 titles in store for you on the new Blu-ray episode including some classics from the Warner Archive, a couple long overdue titles freshly released by Indicator as well as some new 4K releases from Paramount. Sergio Mims and Erik Childress discuss the greatness of one of Albert Brooks’ early films, their differing takes on one of the most acclaimed comedies of 2018 and the Mission: Impossible series and try to figure out why there is such hatred towards Forrest Gump.

Warner Bros. (Tomb Raider, Designing Woman, 2 Weeks in Another Town, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, The Colossus of Rhodes, Superfly)

Indicator (Modern Romance, The China Syndrome)

Paramount (The Death of Stalin, Forrest Gump 4K, Mission: Impossible Series 4K)


James Laczkowski