Episode 128: One Small Step…AND THEY BLEW IT!

Erik Childress and Sergio Mims bring you the first NEW Blu-ray show of 2019 as they take you through the inspiration for Martin Scorsese’s Hugo, some icky obsessions courtesy of Shout Factory and catch up on some titles from Twilight Time. They also discuss the 25th Anniversary of Schindler’s List, their muted thoughts on a Billy Wilder classic and then get into angry detail at how Damien Chazelle’s First Man was screwed by its studio, audiences, awards and politicians alike. But first, the box office returns to Movie Madness and Erik takes you through the beginning of some new angles on how to look at the numbers.

Indicator (RPM)

Flicker Alley (Georges Melies: Fairy Tales In Color)

Warner Archive (The Prize)

Criterion (Some Like It Hot)

Shout Factory (The Plague of the Zombies, 10 To Midnight, Obsession, 8MM)

Twilight Time (Oklahoma Crude, The True Story of Jesse James, Anne of a Thousand Days)

Universal (Schindler’s List 4K, Halloween, First Man)

James Laczkowski