Episode 140: Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold


After the event with Tom Skerritt at the Chicago Critics Film Festival, Erik Childress and Sergio Mims can’t help but take another look at the new 4K release of Alien. Also discussed on 4K are the Batman films from Tim Burton & Joel Schumacher which leads into a dive of which of them were actually good. Twilight Time offers up some great westerns, David Lynch and Gaspar Noe get some praise for rough watches and as revenge pictures go, Liam Neeson has an underrated one, Olivia Wilde a much overlooked one and a third tries to beat Quentin Tarantino and fails miserably.

Fox (Alien 4K)

Criterion (Blue Velvet)

Warner Bros. (A Star is Born Encore Edition, Batman 4K, Batman Returns 4K, Batman Forever 4K, Batman & Robin 4K)

Warner Archive (Frankenstein 1970, Summer Stock, Shaft’s Big Score)

Arrow (The Running Man, The Andromeda Strain)

Kino (The Nightcomers)

Twilight Time (Morituri, Bandolero, Warlock)

Lionsgate (The Haunting of Sharon Tate, Crank 4K, Cold Pursuit 4K, Climax, A Vigilante)

James Laczkowski