Episode 159: Spooky, Ooky, AND I AM SWANN!


While not exclusively a show for Halloween, Erik Childress and Sergio Mims nevertheless check out a number of horror films. From Kubrick and Del Toro getting the 4K treatment to recent stuff from Ari Aster and Rob Zombie as well as some hammer horror and an underappreciated horror remake. They also express appreciation for The Addams Family movies and a genuine love for a film finally on Blu-ray featuring one of Peter O’Toole’s greatest performances.

Warner Bros. (The Shining 4K, Pan’s Labyrinth 4K)

Warner Archive (My Favorite Year, Jezebel, The Letter)

Shout Factory (The Return of the Vampire, The Devil Rides Out, The Blob (1988),

Lions Gate (3 From Hell, Midsommar)

Paramount (The Addams Family, Addams Family Values)

HBO (From the Earth to the Moon)

James Laczkowski