Episode 42: All You Need Is Logan!

It’s all about Logan. Almost. Comic Book expert, Erik Laws, returns to mount an in-depth discussion into Hugh Jackman’s reported final appearance as Wolverine. Along with host Erik Childress it is a two-part conversation dealing with a little history and their expanded thoughts on the film and then delving into spoiler alert territory. Also, Sergio Mims returns to offer the latest in new Blu-rays for your viewing pleasure.

0:00:00 – 0:02:04 – Intro

0:02:04 – 1:14:04 – Blu-rays (with Sergio Mims)

1:14:04 – 2:11:13 – Logan (Spoiler-Free Review & Discussion) (with Erik Laws)

2:11:13 – 2:55:14 – Logan (Spoiler Discussion) (with Erik Laws)

2:55:14 – 2:58:05 – Outro

James Laczkowski