Episode 50: Hey, We Made It To 50!

This episode, Sergio Mims returns to catch everyone up on some of the best (and not-so-best) Blu-rays out there to check out. Before that though, Erik Childress brings you up to speed on how the Memorial Day box office went and how Dwayne Johnson disappointed him with his whole “critics vs. fans” defense of the Baywatch disappointment.

0:00:00 – 0:01:29 – Intro

0:01:29 – 0:29:42 – Box Office (Memorial Day & The Baywatch Collapse)

0:29:42 – 1:22:36 – Blu-rays with Sergio Mims

0:29:42 – 1:24:45 – Outro

Blu-Rays/DVDs Covered

Warner Archive (World Without End, 36 Hours)

Lionsgate (War On Everyone, 20th Century Women, Patriots Day)

Paramount (Silence)

Kino (Lifeboat)

Fox (Miss Sloane, Jackie)

Criterion (Blow-up)

James Laczkowski