Episode 84: Sergio Goes Back To Jail


Back to the Blu-rays we go as Erik and Sergio talk the 50th Anniversary of Night of the Living Dead along with a number of wonderful new gems from Criterion. Sergio gets to talk about being in the minority of a film he loved in 2017 and then joins along with Erik in their love of the holiday’s surprise hit, Wonder. They get into the weeds a little talking about the first post-scandal Woody Allen film but get right out by talking about Sergio’s experience as an assistant director on Jamaa Fanaka’s Penitentiary as well as his first Blu-ray commentary track.

Criterion (Night of the Living Dead, Young Mr. Lincoln, I Daniel Blake, The Complete Monterey Pop Festival, Tom Jones)

Universal (Marshall, Happy Death Day, American Made)

Warner Bros. (The Long Long Trailer, The Belle of New York, The Hanging Tree)

Lionsgate (Wonder)

Kino (The Executioner’s Song, Blame It On Rio, The Way West, Intermezzo)

Twilight Time (Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, Dragonwyck, My Cousin Rachel, Husbands & Wives)

Vinegar Syndrome (Penitentiary)

James Laczkowski