Episode 92: Welcome to the ‘Burbs

It’s Blu-ray time again as Sergio Mims joins Erik to take you on a sprawling arc (even the Joan kind) through recent titles you will want to check out. From a pair of watered-down true stories about bad men down to the everyday concerns of the suburbs from paying for college to weird neighbors. They put another woefully-mishandled small town mystery on your radar as well as a couple action films that Sergio just loves for their interrogations, chases and downhill ski shootouts. How can you resist?


Olive (Birdman of Alcatraz, Great Balls of Fire, Five on the Black Hand Side, The Hallelujah Trail)

Twilight Time (Don’t Bother To Knock, Underworld USA, The New Centurions, The Seven-Ups)

Criterion (The Passion of Joan of Arc, The King of Jazz, Women in Love)

Lionsgate (Lady Bird, Small Town Crime. The Last Movie Star)

Kino (Joan of Arc, The Soldier)

Shout Factory (The Burbs)

James Laczkowski