Episode 94: For Kids And No Kids


Blu-ray time continues as Erik Childress and Sergio Mims take you from the height of giant creature cheesiness over to films for kids that will either make them smile or traumatize them. They also reminisce about those other kids. The ones in the hall and revisit a film that adults are now likely sharing with their own kids. Then they can’t help but knocking down the babies out there somehow upset with The Last Jedi!

Warner Archive (The Black Scorpion)

Fox (Murder on the Orient Express, The Sandlot, The Handmaid’s Tale)

Mill Creek (Benji, For the Love of Benji, The Kids in the Hall, A Study in Terror, Maniac, Die Die My Darling, Never Take Candy from a Stranger, Scream of Fear)

Indicator (The Passenger, Gumshoe)

Disney (Star Wars: The Last Jedi)

James Laczkowski