Episode 32: Ashley West


Bill speaks to The Rialto Report’s Ashley West. West explains how his ongoing documentary project detailing the birth of the adult film industry in New York put him on the path to recording audio commentaries with figures like Radley Metzger, consulting on the HBO series THE DEUCE and co-founding The Rialto Report, a collection of podcasts, articles and photographs chronicling the history of the golden age of adult film. Other topics covered include: fanzines, the field recordings of Alan Lomax, the adult film work of Wes Craven, BOOGIE NIGHTS, the Golden Age Appreciation Fund, Video Nasties, Jamie Gillis, BARBARA BROADCAST and how an eBay bidding war can lead you to a PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO moment.

(Pretty much all NSFW)

Visit The Rialto Report:

Learn about the annual Golden Age Appreciation Fund:

Read Ashley West (writing as Benson Hurst) and Mark Kernes of AVN on the life and career of actor Jamie Gillis:

Hear the Rialto Report podcast: ‘More, More, More’: The Search for Andrea True, and the Creation of a Disco Sensation

Hear the Rialto Report podcast: ‘Deep Sleep’ (1972): Deep, Deep Trouble

See C.J. Laing in BARBARA BROADCAST, featuring audio commentary by Ashley West and Radley Metzger:

See locations from Russ Meyer’s FASTER, PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL! as they appear today:

James Laczkowski