S.1 E.11 - 1st Annual Tracks of the Damned Short Horror Film Festival

Did you know the original Halloween is 110 minutes long? I'm sorry, but who's got time for that noise? Maybe back in 1978 when all people had to do was homebrew beer and collect Susan B. Anthony dollars and wait in line for gas that shit would fly, but us modern folks got things to do, places to be, Pokemon to Go.

What the world needs now,
is films,
short films.

And we here at Tracks of the Damned are all about fulfilling your needs (hey baby, hit me up at tracksofthedamned@gmail.com </barrywhite>), so here we are with our 1st Annual Tracks of the Damned Short Horror Film Festival. Among the twisted sights you'll witness in these seven films are blood-drinking Barbies, cats hiding in men's bodies, nightmarish altered-states, blood soaked ventriloquist dummies, ants crawling out of hands, and James Mason losing his goddamned mind. With the help of Jim Laczkowski, Daniel Baldwin, Chris Olson, and Samm Deighan, Patrick takes you on a journey through some of the weirdest and wildest short horror films ever made, all of which you can watch right here, on the internet.

Also, a lot of animation and avant-garde this year. Just turned out that way!

The Psychotic Odyssey of Richard Chase (1999)

Dream Work (2001)

The Cat With Hands (2001)

The Dummy (1982)

The Tell Tale Heart (1953)

Pixillation (1970) (scroll all the way to the bottom of the page)

Un Chien Andalou (1929)

0:00 - 11:08 -  Episode Intro
11:08 - 12:51 - Psychotic Odyssey of Richard Chase intro
12:51 - 19:37 - Psychotic Odyssey of Richard Chase commentary
19:38 - 26:32 - Dreamwork Intro
26:33 - 37:33 - Dreamwork Commentary
37:34 - 40:20 - The Cat With Hands Intro
40:21 - 44:33 - The Cat With Hands Commentary
44:34 - 50:10 - The Dummy Intro
50:11 - 58:27 - The Dummy Commentary
58:28 - 1:00:35 - The Tell Tale Heart Intro
1:00:36 - 1:09:24 - The Tell Tale Heart Commentary
1:09:25 - 1:14:00 - Pixillation Intro
1:14:01 - 1:19:23 - Pixillation Commentary
1:19:24 - 1:20:55 - Un Chien Andalou Intro
1:20:56 - 1:39:12 - Un Chien Andalou Commentary
1:39:13 - 1:41:30 - Outro

James Laczkowski