S.1 E.12 - City of the Living Dead (1980) feat. Gabe Powers of DVDActive

Grab your best blow-up doll and get ready to puke your guts out. You can learn all the horror movies rules, grab a crucifix, holy water, and silver bullets, but none of it will help you. An undying hanged priest don't care about your logic. An undying hanged priest just wants you to suffer. Lucio Fulci really knew how to reach out and squeeze the audience's brain, and there's few films that prove that better than City of the Living Dead (1980).

Bravely in lockstep with DVDActive's Gabe Powers, Patrick explores the finer points of the seminal Italian film and asks the big questions like: What makes Italian film music different than American? Just how the hell did they pull off that drill scene? And what's with that ending? Armed with Gabe's deep knowledge of Italian genre, they dive into Fulci's Gothic/Gates of Hell/Zombie (don't ask) trilogy.

Also, a special listener sends in a question that leads to the pair finally cracking the code on how you can figure out which Friday the 13th movies are the good ones. It turns out there was a secret pattern the whole time!

0:00 - 8:46 - Intro
8:47 - 1:42:54 - Commentary
1:42:55 - 1:56:49 - Questions
1:56:50 - 1:58:23 - Outro

James Laczkowski