S.1 E.13 - Jacob's Ladder (1990) feat. Jim Laczkowski of Directors Club

Who is that on the subway muttering to himself? The shell-shocked vet or the man with the tail or the faces you can't make out. Is it just me or is that bag twitching? Who said that? Who are these people at this party, why can't I breathe and who is my girlfriend dancing with and why can't I breathe and where lurks the Vibroman?

Natural questions if you're the main character of Jacob's Ladder (1990). For Patrick and guest Jim Laczkowski of Director's Club, the questions are a little more specific: How does a director like Adrian Lyne make a movie like this? What historical basis is there for this film? And can you create a subjective nightmare and still try to ground it in an Oliver Stone styled historically-based paranoia thriller?

And how cute is Danny Aiello, a year out from Do the Right Thing, as a cherubic guardian angel? Actually, that one I can answer right here: the cutest.

In addition to tackling the many rungs of Jacob's Ladder, Jim and Patrick are offered a rare opportunity to program a horror film festival. This is not one to miss! Anyone who doesn't listen to this is a real chump!

0:00 - 4:30 - Intro
4:30 - 1:58:38 - Commentary
1:58:38 - 2:33:07 - Questions
2:33:08 - 2:35:03 - Outro

James Laczkowski