S.1 E.14 - Scream (1996)

What's your favorite scary movie? Ok, well what's your favorite scary movie that was originally titled "Scary Movie" but then changed to "Scream" because the Weinsteins thought that first name was box office poison?

Scream (1996) has many die-hard fans and many die-hard detractors, but it's impact on the horror landscape of the late 90's is undeniable and it's status as a slasher movie touchstone is untouchable. To celebrate the greatest month of the year, Patrick decides not just to celebrate one of the greatest slasher movies ever, but also all it's sequels of diminishing quality. Every Friday this month join Patrick on an odyssey down the rabbit hole that is the final years of Wes Craven's career.

For this episode, he wrestles with the cinematic autoclave that was Miramax in the 90's, the "fuck-it" mentality that lead to Wes Craven doing the greatest work of his career, and a culture policed by an MPAA that had all but eradicated old-school horror from the modern landscape.

He also talks about the phenomenon of people laughing while watching horror movies. Are these people just trying to release nervous energy or are they real assholes? I'm not telling you here, dummy, you have to listen to find out!

0:00 - 4:53 - Intro
4:54 - 1:52:08 - Commentary
1:52:09 - 2:10:12 - Questions
2:10:13 - 2:11:58 - Outro

James Laczkowski