S.1 E.17 - Scream 4 (2011)

New decade, new cast, new blood, new rules? Well wait, let's pump our brakes a sec here, what are the rules of remakes? What do the remakes of The Fog and A Nightmare on Elm Street share, other than the fact that they both suck?

So maybe the whole "someone's trying to remake the events of the original" angle is a bit clumsy, and maybe there's no actual reason for this movie to exist. But the Final Chapter (until the New Beginning) of this seminal slasher series does have some merit to it. At least, that's what Patrick would have you believe. Tessa Racked of Consistent Panda Bear Shape, on the other hand, remains unconvinced. And with no Parker Posey teeth-acting to admire, will they see eye to eye on anything?

In addition to (FINALLY) completing the Scream series, Tessa and Patrick answer two listener questions and recommend some creepy haunted house music. Put this on your tin foil and freebase it!

0:00 - 12:57 - Intro

12:58 - 1:59:15 - Commentary

1:59:16 - 2:24:45 - Questions

2:24:46 - 2:27:11 - Outro

James Laczkowski