S.1 E.18 - Blood Feast (1963) with Never-Before-Heard Herschell Gordon Lewis Interview

In 2016 the streets of Chicago are full of celebrations but in 1963 the streets of Miami were full of blood. Anyone can walk into a nudist camp and point a Bolex at some breasts, but it took a mad professor (Herschell Gordon Lewis) and his carny friend (David F. Friedman) to think of ripping a sheep's tongue out of a Swedish model's face in screaming color. Enter Blood Feast.

On the latest episode of Tracks of the Damned, Patrick takes aim at the world's first gore movie (no, for real, Eyes Without A Face doesn't really count), and dives into what is probably the weirdest movie we've covered yet. A subversive neutron bomb of a film that influenced everything from Night of the Living Dead to Pink Flamingos, Blood Feast is what happens when 24,000 dollars and two soft-core pornographers collide with destiny in a motel with a concrete sphinx out front.

But Patrick has not only done a commentary for Blood Feast, but has a never before heard interview that he conducted way back in 2011 at Terror in the Aisles' Music Box Massacre 7. In addition to that rare interview, you can hear Herschell Gordon Lewis perform the theme song to 2000 Maniacs live with a band! Dump this episode into your noise biscuits!

0:00 - 12:16 - Intro
12:17 - 1:20:03 - Commentary
1:20:04 - 1:39:41 - Herschell Gordon Lewis Interview
1:39:42 - 1:47:11 - Theme from "2000 Maniacs" Performed By Herschell Gordon Lewis

James Laczkowski