S.1 E.4 - Oculus (2013)

Downer ending? Check. Domestic abuse? Check. Child abuse? You know it. Parricide AND sororicide? Undeniably.

There's no getting around it, for a movie about a piece of furniture that eats dogs, this is pretty grim. It's also fairly sui generis, a modern horror masterpiece which finds a truly captivating lagrange point between A Woman Under the Influence, Cloud Atlas and The Shining. This week Patrick takes on Oculus (2013) and talks about the exciting career of Mike Flanagan, the value of the "editing brain", and the proper way to throttle a child actor.

Patrick also takes a question from a listener in Canada and gets into his deepest darkest fears, including but not limited to The GOP and cars. Eat up!

James Laczkowski