S.1 E.5 - Lake Mungo (2008)

Some ghosts are so effective they don't even need to show up to haunt someone. Is this the case for the Palmers (Twin Peaks reference intentional), a family dealing with their daughter's tragic drowning in some questionable ways? Or is there actually a restless spirit in their house?

This is the central question proposed in Lake Mungo (2008), an underrated masterpiece of a fictional horror documentary from Australia. In this episode Patrick looks at the detail-driven film and all the smart choices director Joel Anderson makes to really convince the viewer that what they're looking at really happened. 

He also answers some listener questions, including recording a live reaction to the teaser trailer for the upcoming Blair Witch Project sequel! If you want to send any questions, comments, corrections or concerns, direct your e-mail to tracksofthedamned@gmail.com! Special thanks to Jim Laczkowski for the original music!

0:00 - 15:30: Intro
15:30 - 1:39:52: Commentary
1:39:52 - 2:03:08: Questions

2:03:08 - 2:04:42: Outro

James Laczkowski