S.1 E.6 - Messiah of Evil (1973) feat. Bill Ackerman of Supporting Characters

Patrick's waiting at the edge of the city. He's peering around buildings at night, and he's waiting. Waiting for you! And, with his dear friend Bill Ackerman of the Supporting Characters podcast, he'll take you one by one and no one will hear you scream. Noone will hear you SCREAM!

With joy at this latest episode of Tracks of the Damned, the horror film commentary track podcast! In it, the two take a look at the 1973 cult classic Messiah of Evil and ask the really hard questions like: Did Dario Argento see this or what? Were Gloria Katz and Willard Huyck fans of Antonioni or what? Are these some incredible murals or what? In the commentary they answer (or at least ask) all that about the definitive California horror film of the 20th century.

They also talk about other filmmakers who made great contributions to horror without being strongly associated with the genre, and finally definitively create a real definition for just what people mean when they say "psychological horror". What a great episode! Shovel it in your ear-holes, creeps!

Intro: 0:00 - 14:33
Commentary: 14:34 - 1:44:29
Questions: 1:44:30 - 2:20:09
Outro: 2:20:10 - 2:25:59

James Laczkowski