S.1 E.9 - Doctor X (1932)

You ever see something so ugly it's cute again, like an armadillo or a pangolin? Not to oversell it, but this movie is kind of like that. It has the color of reality, just muted, twisted, slightly broken. Alive but not. That's right: two-strip technicolor is the synthetic flesh of color processes.

On the latest episode of Tracks of the Damned, the horror film commentary track podcast, Patrick dives into the many contradictions of famed director Michael Curtiz truly singular mad-scientist cannibal murder mystery Doctor X (1932). If James Whale's classic The Invisible Man is a perfect cocktail of humor, horror and sci-fi special effects, Doctor X is what happens when you mix that cocktail all wrong, with the proportions all off, leaving a drink that's twice as strong as it has any right to be.

Patrick also answers a listener question about horror films that hit close to home, in one way or another. As one cannibal scientist said to another, you might as well dig in because it isn't getting any warmer!

0:00 - 7:58 - Intro
7:59 - 1:23:50 - Commentary
1:23:51 - 1:40:44 - Questions
1:40:45 - 1:42:14 - Outro

James Laczkowski