S.2 E.7 - Alice Sweet Alice (1976) w/Bill Ackerman of the Supporting Characters Podcast

alice sweet alice mask.jpg

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, so why does the past seem like such a nightmare? In the world of pre-Vatican Patterson, NJ the Catholic communities are trapped, shamed, guilty, frustrated, and unhappy. And that's before a maniac in a mask starts burying butcher knives into the tops of people's feet.

Alice, Sweet Alice is one of the greatest slashers of all-time and unforgivably forgotten by too many people, but on this episode of Tracks of the Damned, the horror film commentary track podcast, two lapsed Catholics from New Jersey (host Patrick Ripoll and Bill Ackerman of the Supporting Characters podcast) try to tackle what makes this film so deep, satisfying and scary.

In addition to the commentary Bill Ackerman brings with him an exclusive interview he did with Alice, Sweet Alice director Alfred Sole, getting into his career, the joys and pains of low-budget film-making, and what the hold up is on Alice, Sweet Alice coming out on blu-ray. Even if you know the story of Alice, Sweet Alice, this is not one to miss!

0:00 - 8:12 - Intro

8:13 - 2:04:12 - Commentary

2:04:13 - 2:25:55 - Interview w/Alice, Sweet Alice director Alfred Sole

2:25:56 - 2:30:50 - Outro

James Laczkowski