TBT - Friday the 13th (1980) feat. Patricks Mom


Hey folks, I'm Jim, the owner of the Now Playing Network. Patrick is on vacation in Mexico, looking for a nice seaside town to flee to if Trump becomes president, but that's no reason for the show not to go on! So instead of a proper episode of Tracks of the Damned this week, he's sent us this #ThrowbackThursday blast from the past.

A white back Patrick was my co-host on our film podcast called Director's Club, where he did all kinds of wacky bonus episodes. One such episode back in 2013 was, in fact, the first audio commentary he ever did: Friday the 13th (1980) with a special guest, his mother. A 50-something year old Catholic woman with no concept of horror films, she was nonetheless an eager student as Patrick used the seminal 80's horror film as a lesson in the techniques and history of the slasher genre. He also decided to see how long it would take her to recognize Kevin Bacon, and the answer was: quite a while.

It proved to be one of our most popular bonus episodes, so I'm happy to present it again to you here! Patrick will be back next Friday, tanned and recovering from Montezuma's revenge, with a proper episode on Messiah of Evil (1973) featuring guest Bill Ackerman!

0:00 - 4:15 - Intro
4:15 - 9:14 - Intro #2
9:15 - 1:52:36 - Commentary

James Laczkowski