Episode 10: Josh Modell of The Onion / A.V. Club

Long before his current position as Editorial Director of Onion Inc., -- and his freelance work for Magnet, Spin and Rolling Stone -- Josh Modell created Milk Magazine (along with his buddy Jim Minor), a D.I.Y. publication responsible for introducing me to independent music when I was just a high-schooler. Josh and I discuss his vinyl obsessions when he was younger, his tenure at Milwaukee's storied Atomic Records (with memories of in-store performances from The Wedding Present, Frank Black and Jason Molina), pressing vinyl for acts like Clem Snide and Crooked Fingers on his Foreign Leisure label, how The Promise Ring's "Very Emergency" album got its title (and his role as a milkman in the band's "Emergency! Emergency!" music video), his favorite A Very Milky Christmas memories and A.V. Undercover segments, the benefits and drawbacks of internet commenting and much more! Follow Josh at twitter.com/joshmodell and tune in as well for details on our current giveaway: A hand-crafted wood album jacket display, courtesy Sand & Stain! Visit instagram.com/sandandstain to have a look, and follow the show at twitter.com/vinylemergencyfacebook.com/vinylemergency and instagram.com/vinylemergency for details on entry!

James Laczkowski