Episode 103: Collector's Club with Jason Davis (RecordNerdz Podcast)


Today, we round out our discussions with the main four voices of the acclaimed RecordNerdz podcast: Jason Davis grew up in Brazil, only visiting the states a couple times a year during his teen years, before moving to American permanently as an adult and eventually settling down in Brooklyn. On this episode, Jason chats about how he regards his collection as his own private record store, which Metallica album he owns the most copies of, the quality of Brazilian pressings, this year's \upcoming Record Store Day, and how vinyl shops are using Discogs to their advantage when needing to dump inventory. Follow Jason on instagram @spectrum_city_records, and subscribe to RecordNerdz however you get podcasts! Be sure to also check out our previous interviews with fellow RecordNerdz hosts Kristian Sorge, Trevor Ingerson and Mark Piro in the archives.

James Laczkowski