Episode 107: Jeff Babko (Jimmy Kimmel Live!)


As an in-demand session musician, keyboardist/pianist Jeff Babko has built a diverse career, both on record and on the road. Aside from his own original music, he's recorded or toured with the likes of Neil Young, Smokey Robinson, James Taylor, Sheryl Crow and Frank Ocean, while working on scores and soundtracks for films and TV, including Garden State, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Superbad, The Good Place, Arrested Development and the upcoming mega-sequels Frozen 2 and Toy Story 4. This year also finds Jeff -- a member of the Jimmy Kimmel Live! house band -- releasing a new album on vinyl ("El Musico," available via CDBaby) as well as touring with the radio variety program Live From Here. On today's show, Jeff recounts buying several Oingo Boingo releases for a complete stranger, his favorite record stores to visit while touring, why the songs on "El Musico" were not originally intended to be shared, and how eating mediocre pizza changed his musical DNA. Follow @jeffbabko on Twitter and Instagram, visit jeffbabko.com for news updates and watch the current Netflix special Steve Martin & Martin Short: An Evening You Will Never Forget for the Rest of Your Life, as well as the new Amy Poehler-directed film Wine Country, to catch Jeff in action.

James Laczkowski