Episode 11: Todd Bell (Braid, Hey Mercedes)

Back in 2014, I interviewed Braid and Hey Mercedes bassist Todd Bell about his record collection for a written piece on Modern-Vinyl.com, which led to us digging together on Record Store Day 2015. So when I began this podcast, I knew Todd would be a more-than-willing guest to discuss his vast stockpile of over 2,500 albums. In this episode, we chat about the benefits of Japanese pressings, the art of the mix CD (and trading said CD's with his pals in Jawbox and Texas Is The Reason), the good ol' days of sending cash and coins through the mail for records, Braid's love affair with off-kilter time signatures, still finding time to skateboard as a busy dad (with fellow musician and busy dad Dan Didier of Maritime/The Promise Ring), inheriting his father's classic Sansui receiver (purchased while stationed in Okinawa during his time in the Air Force) and much more! We also get some EXCLUSIVE, not-yet-announced Braid repress news direct from Todd, and you can enter our Braid vinyl prize pack giveaway! Follow the show at instagram.com/vinylemergencytwitter.com/vinylemergency or facebook.com/vinylemergency and write me at vinylemergency@gmail.com.

James Laczkowski