Episode 12: Brian Stack (Conan, Late Show with Stephen Colbert)

April Fool's Day seems fitting to welcome the hilarious Brian Stack, who you've likely seen on shows like 30 Rock, The Office, Parks and Recreation or New Girl! Currently a writer on CBS' Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Brian started on NBC's Late Night with Conan O'Brien in 1997, winning an Emmy for writing on the show ten years later and appearing as the caped and mustachioed Interrupter, hapless door-to-door salesman Hannigan and the ghost of old-time radio crooner Artie Kendall, among a slew of other characters. He followed Conan to both his truncated tenure at The Tonight Show and his current TBS program, but moved with his family back to New York and joined the Colbert staff this past September. Brian joins me to talk about his love for The Replacements, Late Night's strides to give new artists a stage (even providing Radiohead their U.S. television debut!), what vinyl box set he recently bought despite no longer owning a turntable, his improv comedy heroes while living in Chicago, and yes... what it's like to open for Slipknot. You can follow Brian at twitter.com/brianstack153, follow the show @vinylemergency on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and check out some great Late Night / Late Show segments we discuss in this episode below:

NBC / Late Night: Radiohead, 1993 -- https://vimeo.com/1461741

NBC / Late Night: Artie Kendell compilation -- http://tiny.cc/LateNightArtie

NBC / Late Night: Hannigan compilation -- http://tiny.cc/LateNightHannigan

NBC / Late Night: Slipnutz open for Slipknot -- http://tiny.cc/SlipnutzSlipknot

NBC / Late Night: Slipnutz tribute album -- http://tiny.cc/SlipnutzTribute

TBS / Conan: Brian Stack Says Goodbye -- http://teamcoco.com/video/brian-stack-supercut

CBS / Late Show: Foghat Holiday Gift Guide -- http://tiny.cc/LateShowGifts

CBS / Late Show: Saddest Song Ever with Jason Isbell -- http://tiny.cc/LateShowSadSong

James Laczkowski