Episode 13: Nick Digilio of WGN Radio

Since I moved to suburban Chicago almost ten years ago, Nick Digilio has been a constant audio companion for me in both radio and podcast form. During his 2-5am shift weekday mornings on one of the most storied stations in the medium, you'll often hear Nick -- an on-air host since 1998 and having been a part of WGN 720 AM for over 30 years -- engaging with listers on topics ranging from favorite comfort foods to misheard song lyrics to iconic movie lines, always sporting a genuine passion for the arts and a hilarious, self-deprecating levity along the way, while winning a handful of Illinois Broadcasters Association awards to boot. Today, I talk with Nick about how the resurgence of 70mm film relates to today's vinyl comeback, which album he has owned in every format imaginable, a little-known fact about High Fidelity's classic Beta Band scene and how his sobriety has improved his life both on and off the air.

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James Laczkowski