Episode 18: Collector's Club with Nicholas Lynch (@ThirdManCollector)

On this Collector's Club episode of the show, I chat with Indianapolis resident Nicholas Lynch -- an aficionado on all vinyl and novelties released by Jack White and Third Man Records! Whether a TMR release is liquid-filled, tri-colored, triple-decker, pressed onto old x-rays or can only be played at just 3 RPM, chances are Nicholas has it in his collection! We discuss how he's traded baseball cards with Jack in person, whether or not Nicholas hopes for a White Stripes reunion, his special behind-the-scenes Third Man tour, what makes TMR releases so collectable and rare, and the current market for some of the rarest Jack White-related gems... some of which are selling for nearly $20,000! Nicholas shares his collection visually at instagram.com/thirdmancollector, so go check it out along with today's conversation! Follow Vinyl Emergency on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and write the show at vinylemergency@gmail.com.

James Laczkowski