Episode 21: Gramovox

In 2015, Chicago-based company Gramovox launched a Kickstarter campaign for their gorgeous Floating Record Vertical Turntable. With over $1 million in backing and now almost a year to the date of their Kickstarter launch, Gramovox is still turning heads in both the vinyl/audio realm as well as the tech world, with both the Vertical Turntable and their Bluetooth Gramophone, as they strive to meld sleek, old-fashioned design with today's technology. I recently sat down with CEO/Co-Founder Pavan Bapu, Media Production Manager Jack Pochop and Customer Service Specialist Lewis McKinney to talk about Gramovox's early days, how the turntable itself works, what questions they hear from lifelong vinyl collectors and those buying their first turntable, how social media -- and #NowFloating -- plays a huge role in sharing their products, and of course, what their first ever album purchases were.

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James Laczkowski