Episode 22: Sharing Needles With Friends / Where's The Wax?, Vol. 2

Music discussion and vinyl news podcast Sharing Needles With Friends has been both a favorite of mine for years as well as an inspiration for me to start Vinyl Emergency. Based out of Knoxville, TN and fueled by the nearly 20-year camaraderie of hosts Derek Jones and Gene Priest, SNWF is an always informative and hilarious listen, whether they're talking about their own record collections, what excites them about upcoming releases, or divisive topics, like whatever Kanye West is up to that particular week. Derek and Gene were kind enough to air this interview as their own SNWF episode a few weeks ago as a showing of solidarity and cross-promotion, but if you're brand new to SNWF, buckle up for a really fun episode! We also revisit our new segment Where's The Wax?, by bringing 15 more albums to the table that need a vinyl pressing. Subscribe to their podcast via iTunes or however you listen to podcasts, follow @SNWFRecords on Twitter, friend @SharingNeedlesWithFriends on Instagram and Facebook, and also keep tabs on the guys at SNWFRecords.com. You can follow our show @VinylEmergency on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and be sure to write in at vinylemergency@gmail.com.

James Laczkowski