Episode 24: Josh Caterer (Smoking Popes, Jackson Mud)

Chicago's Smoking Popes are one of my seminal favorite bands, having released several crucial albums of lovelorn power-pop including 1994's Born To Quit and 1997's Destination Failure. Gaining notoriety via soundtrack appearances on films like Clueless, Tommy Boy and Angus, the band split up at the turn of the century, reformed 11 years ago, and have since added a few more proper full-lengths to their catalog while focusing their performances primarily around the Midwest. Recorded on a rainy night in his church office, singer/guitarist Josh Caterer -- now a pastor of music and worship -- discusses the influence of his father's record collection on he and his bandmate brothers, getting the first few Popes seven-inches pressed, the process of reissuing Born To Quit on vinyl, astonishing interactions with both Morrissey and Dave Grohl, the new EP Black As Midnight from his blues-focused band Jackson Mud, and so much more! PLUS Josh graciously performs two songs LIVE and exclusively for Vinyl Emergency!

Follow @joshcaterer on both Twitter and Instagram, and visit SmokingPopesMusic.com and JacksonMud.com for social media, live dates and more info on both bands. Tune in as well to find out how you can win CD versions of the new Jackson Mud EP plus their previous release Down Time Blues, courtesy of our friends at Artistic Integrity Records! Follow @VinylEmergency on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and write the show at vinylemergency@gmail.com.

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James Laczkowski