Episode 25: Doug Sohn of Hot Doug's

For 13 years, Doug Sohn was the purveyor and head chef of Hot Doug's, one of Chicago's many must-eat establishments before the encased-meat emporium closed in the fall of 2014. During that time, Doug served up to 800 sausages a day -- with each usually being named after a musician, actress or former Cubs player. Lines wrapped around the block no matter the weather, and Hot Doug's gained acclaim from foodie household names like Anthony Bourdain and Graham Elliot. Those with the dedication to get the restaurant's logo tattooed on their body even ate for free for life there, as documented in 2013's Hot Doug's: The Book. But for those who missed out on experiencing the deliciousness of Hot Doug's the first time around, his frankfurters can now be found in the bleachers section of Wrigley Field -- along with Doug himself most home games -- as well at "takeover"-type events that raise money for local charities. Today, Doug discusses his vinyl memories, The Untitled Hour podcast he's co-hosted with Chicago musician Nick Marcos for the last year, various jobs he held prior to opening his own restaurant, his discovery of punk and new-wave in high school, thoughts about Instagram foodie culture, concerts that broke out at Hot Doug's, his partnership with the Cubs and much more!

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James Laczkowski