Episode 28: Tom Mullen (Washed Up Emo, Legacy/Sony)

Through his various jobs in music marketing, Tom Mullen has always been and still is a fan, first and foremost. Making a website for one of his favorite groups led to a storied career with punk/indie labels like Equal Vision and Vagrant to larger companies like EMI and Legacy Recordings/Sony Music, where he is currently Senior Director of Creative and Marketing Partnerships. He's had the pleasure of working directly with icons such as Willie Nelson, Loretta Lynn, Cyndi Lauper and more, though indie-rock fans know him well as the founder and voice behind the Washed Up Emo podcast and IsThisBandEmo.com, a search engine devoted to the seemingly ageless debate about where bands stand within the genre. Today, we discuss the venerable emo museum of videos, flyers and other memorabilia that fans and bands send his way, some out-of-print seven-inches he was recently gifted, why MTV called him about rare Nirvana video footage he unearthed and JeffBuckleyCollection.com -- worked on directly with the Buckley family -- which allows fans to digitally browse through the late singer/songwriter's record collection. Follow @WashedUpEmo and @tommullen on social media, and subscribe to the Washed Up Emo podcast on iTunes! PLUS: Learn how to win a rare split seven-inch from two Washed Up Emo favorites: Bob Nanna (Braid, Hey Mercedes, Lifted Bells) and Matt Pryor (Get Up Kids, New Amsterdams); Only 160 exist of this screen-printed gem, pressed on yellow vinyl!

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James Laczkowski