Episode 41: Jimmy Pardo

Pioneer of podcasting and stand-up comedy veteran Jimmy Pardo joins me this week to discuss his memories of vinyl growing up, working in Chicago record stores, his sales career with MCA Records in the mid-80's, warming up audiences for The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien and TBS' Conan, and possibly his shortest comedy gig ever, "opening" for Elton John! As host of the incredibly popular Never Not Funny podcast, Jimmy also talks about the fantastic work the show has done for cleft palate charity Smile Train during their yearly Pardcastathon, having raised almost $800,000 since 2009. Jimmy's 2005 album Pompous Clown is now available for the first time on vinyl from astrecords.bigcartel.com, and Pardcastathon 2017 takes place this coming March! Subscribe to Never Not Funny however you listen to podcasts, and follow @jimmypardo and @nevernotfunny on Twitter!

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James Laczkowski