Episode 45: Steven Hyden

If you've read an album review, music article or artist interview in print or online in the last fifteen years or so, chances are you've read Steven Hyden's work. Aside from freelancing for Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Slate and more, he's also been a staff writer for both The AV Club and Grantland, and joined UPROXX as their culture critic last summer. He's also host of the Celebration Rock podcast and author of the fantastic 2016 book Your Favorite Band Is Killing Me, which breaks down the history of specific rivalries or beefs within pop music and explains their relation to our daily lives. Today, Steven and I discuss recent price hikes in vinyl, the thrill of riding your bike to and from record stores as a kid, the loneliness of being an author, the seemingly instinctual competitiveness between men, awkward moments with Ian MacKaye and Billy Corgan, and why his four-year-old son loves "Hotel California," but is scared of "Kashmir." Follow @steven_hyden on Twitter for links to his articles, Celebration Rock and more.

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James Laczkowski