Episode 49: Allen Epley of Shiner and The Life & Times

Kansas City, MO quartet Shiner are seen as giants of the indefinable mathy/space-rock scene, having built a rabid cult following while touring with acts like Jawbox, Hum and more during the mid-90's/early-00's. For the last five years, the band has done sporadic reunion shows in support of pressing their albums to vinyl for the first time, beginning with 2001's "The Egg," followed by "Starless" (2000) and most recently "Lula Divinia," coinciding with that record's 20th anniversary this year. Today, vocalist/guitarist Allen Epley discusses his journey from 70's AM favorites to indie heavyweights like The Jesus Lizard, his current musical role in Chicago's production of the Blue Man Group, recent happenings with his current trio The Life & Times, how the remastering process works for the Shiner vinyl pressings -- plus how Fall Out Boy's Joe Trohman got that reissue campaign going -- and more! You can order "Lula Divinia" on black or splattered vinyl at shiner.seenmerch.com as well as purchase the latest Life & Times covers EP "Dopplegangers" at thelifeandtimes.bandcamp.com.

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James Laczkowski