Episode 53: Strand of Oaks

Timothy Showalter -- the voice and mind behind Strand of Oaks -- describes himself as a "smiling, sweaty, straight-out-of-a-river wild man" this week, and the vibrant album cover of this year's "Hard Love" encapsulates his aura so well, it nearly jumps off the shelf. His infatuation with vinyl and music in general is contagious and vast, expressing his adoration in this episode for anyone from "Weird Al" Yankovic to Endless Boogie. Today, we also discuss the crazy night that led to the cover photo for "Hard Love," why having his face on his album covers plays into his joy of digging for vinyl, what some of his discography is going for online (and why he won't buy anything on vinyl over the internet), what the best sounding album in his collection is, loaning Basic Cable Band leader Jimmy Vivino his guitar when Strand of Oaks recently played Conan, his obsession with dub music, whether one can truly be present while listening to music alone, and much more! PLUS learn how you can win a limited "stoner swirl" pressing of "Hard Love" as well as a clear, one-sided flexi disc of non-album track "Chill Tent"! Visit StrandOfOaks.net for tour dates, social media and more.

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James Laczkowski