Episode 54: Kevin Bergeron (Waxwork Records) / Record Store Day 2017

If you're a vinyl collector, a film buff or both, you likely know Waxwork Records' attention to detail, as they've pressed horror movie and cult classic scores and soundtracks on lushly-colored vinyl accompanied with extensive liner notes and mind-blowing packaging since 2013. Today, Waxwork CEO and co-founder Kevin Bergeron discusses his favorite New Orleans record stores, the process in selecting and pressing Waxwork releases, being a member of the first U.S. band to ever tour Cuba, working with Martin Scorsese on 2016's Taxi Driver release, his thoughts on this year's runaway hit thriller Get Out, and EXCLUSIVE news on upcoming Waxwork pressings for Queen Of Earth, The Exorcist, The French Connection, several Friday The 13th sequels and more! Tune in as well to enter to win a beautiful purple pressing of the score for 1980's Altered States by legendary composer John Corigliano! Visit WaxworkRecords.com for more info on the label and upcoming releases. Plus this week, we discuss this weekend's Record Store Day releases with Nick Digilio on WGN Radio 720AM in Chicago!

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James Laczkowski