Episode 55: Andrew Winistorfer (Senior Editor of Vinyl Me, Please)

Not only has record subscription service Vinyl Me, Please been supplying record lovers with exclusive album presses each month -- whether they be well-known classics, brand new releases or long-buried gems -- since early 2013, but they've also amped up their written content substantially since hiring on Oshkosh, WI native Andrew Winistorfer as their Senior Editor. The written portion of the site has become so popular in fact, that VMP recently had their first book published -- 100 Albums You Need In Your Collection -- a 250+ page, hardcover must-have for any record addict, available now at your preferred independent book retailer as well as Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble and other major chains. Today, Andrew schools me on mainstream country as well as discusses his career in journalism, the incredible backstory to Marvin Gaye's "Here, My Dear" album, why major names in hip-hop aren't clued in to vinyl's resurgence, the popularity of VMP's recent Gorillaz and Fiona Apple pressings, some gems in his vast vinyl collection, recommended record stores in Madison and more. PLUS tune into learn how to win your own copy of the new Vinyl Me, Please book!

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James Laczkowski