Episode 57: Tim Minneci of Dig Me Out Podcast & Music Reissues We Need

Since launching in 2011, Dig Me Out has been essential podcast listening for music fans, as Tim Minneci and his co-host Jason Dziak dive head-first into classic albums, one-hit wonders, specific music scenes and more -- all within the alt-rock/indie universe -- often accompanied with an intriguing artist interview or a roundtable of journalists, musicians or fellow podcast hosts chiming in. Today, Tim drops in to discuss the current (and future) state of vinyl reissues, his work as a college radio DJ and program director, record stores near his native Buffalo NY suburbs, how fans of Dig Me Out are constantly introducing him to music he missed the first time around, and his captivating new blog -- Music Reissues We Need -- that focuses on albums that need a first time pressing on vinyl or at least a quality, commercially-available repress. Visit DigMeOutPodcast.com and MusicReissuesWeNeed.tumblr.com to follow the podcast and blog, and order Tim's two books -- 2013's Power Ballad and this year's Small Stories -- via Amazon!

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James Laczkowski