Episode 64: Rosanne Cash

2017 marks a big vinyl year for veteran singer/songwriter Rosanne Cash: Written primarily about the lives and deaths of her mother, father and step-mother (Vivian Liberto, Johnny Cash and June Carter-Cash, respectively), her 2006 record Black Cadillac was just pressed for the first time by Capitol as part of their 75th anniversary, and a 30th anniversary reissue of King's Record Shop -- the first LP to ever give a female country singer four number one Billboard singles from one album -- was also recently released by Sony Legacy/Columbia.

Today, Rosanne discusses those albums making their way back to vinyl, her adoration for detailed liner notes, fair pay for artists in a digital world, the message she had carved into the dead wax of the first press of 1981's Seven Year Ache and spending an entire Christmas transfixed by the Beatles' White Album. We also talk about her role in the restoration of her father's boyhood home and her upcoming performance at the Johnny Cash Heritage Festival in Dyess, AR. Follow @RosanneCash
 on Facebook and Twitter! PLUS find out how you can win your own copies of King's Record Shop and Black Cadillac, courtesy of Sony Legacy/Columbia and Capitol! Sponsors: Pinwheel Records, Vinyl For A Cause and Flipbin.

James Laczkowski