Episode 66: Victor DeLorenzo & Janet Schiff (Violent Femmes / Nineteen Thirteen)


Original Violent Femmes drummer Victor DeLorenzo and his Nineteen Thirteen bandmate/cellist Janet Schiff discuss their own relationships with vinyl over the years, the unique sounds they're creating as a portable two-piece band and how a chance meeting at a diner spawned their musical kinship. Janet recalls "inventing" her own cello as a child, spinning records in her makeshift basement roller rink and whether or not to buy your bandmate's classic LP while he's in the record store with you, while Victor talks about the iconic artwork of the Femmes' self-titled debut and sets the record straight on their now legendary gig opening for The Pretenders at Milwaukee's Oriental Theatre in 1981, plus how it feels to have sports fans in packed stadiums around the world clapping along with his seminal percussion on "Blister In The Sun." Check out their two most recent albums, Music For Time Travel and The Dream, on Spotify and visit nineteenthirteen.com for upcoming gigs, their social media and more!

James Laczkowski